On behalf of our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Raymond L. Berger and our Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Kennedy Akins, Jr., and the entire body of believers in the Michigan State Diocese, we welcome you to our website and invite you to fellowship with us at any of our upcoming events.

We love you with the love of Christ and invite you to learn more about our organization and how we might help you and your ministry fulfill the call of God that is upon all our lives.


Our State Leaders


The men and women of God who are charged with the leadership of our state council are qualified in both spirit and character, upholding the Apostolic Doctrine without dissimulation and walking in holiness without controversy.

Feel free to contact our leaders with any questions or concerns you may have regarding membership in Victorious Apostolic Churches, Inc.


Bishop Kennedy Akins, Jr.

Diocesan Bishop, Michigan Diocese

Pastor, ClearWay Apostolic Church
Grands Rapids, Michigan


Bishop Raymond L. Berger

Presiding Bishop

Pastor, Rehoboth Apostolic Church
Waterbury, Connecticut


Contact Us


“For more information on how you and your church can become a part of the move of God with Victorious Apostolic Churches, Inc. please contact me and I will gladly welcome and assist you personally.”

Bishop Kennedy Akins, Jr.
(616) 634-2203